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New Media Arts Center is a 501(c)(3) organization exclusively for charitable, religious, education, educational, and scientific purposes. The business activity is to provide at-risk students in the Huntsville Community the benefit of STEM and to integrate these principles through the Arts to succeed in STEAM. New Media Arts Center will give at-risk students in Huntsville the help of STEM and incorporate the values through the arts. 


NMAC will network and campaign with other STEM organizations further advance STEM/STEAM education. STEM skills are and will continue to be the tools necessary to address complex challenges of today and tomorrow.

Engaging . Empowering . Ensuring . Excellence.

Our Mission

Our Mission

New Media Arts Center will provide

at-risk students in Huntsville with the benefits of STEM and incorporate the values through the arts.


Many students need a head start, motivation, and tutorial in achieving in the subjects of Science, Engineering, Math, and Reading because of the effects of Social-economic circumstances.  

Studies have shown many capable students

lose interest in these subjects.


We Need Your Support Today!

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